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I'm A Clotheshorse & A Travelor

I'm A Clotheshorse & A Travelor

Posted on: Friday, January 14, 2022

 I'm A Clotheshorse & A Travelor

Hello and welcome, my name is Angela!
​I had been in and out of the music industry for over 40 years. Beginning as an entertainer, I have done everything from production and promotion, to booking and management. While living in Los Angeles for many years, I worked within the field of music, film and tv. I also dealt in vintage clothing and collectibles, as well as owned a designer resale and vintage boutique where I sold and rented high end clothing and costumes to the studios for movies and tv. I used my stores extensive second floor to manufacture my own small clothing line.

I also loved to do trunk shows, flea markets and other events associated with the selling of used, original, or crafted goods.
Some of the fabrics I have and may be selling are quite high end fabrics from Europe and from designers such as Valentino and Anne Klein, worth between $20 and $100 a yard in the early to mid 80's and from the looks of the designer market, a whole lot more now.  I will offer them to you at a fraction of it's cost.
​Please keep checking for my additions.

On Mothers Day I woke to find my love had scanned some photos of my family!

I loved to do trunk shows, flea markets and other events associated with the selling of used, original, or crafted goods. My mother was an actress turned fashion designer, and created lines for brand names such as Moda and Lillie Rubin.  I suppose I got the designer gene from her, among other things. 
She was an amazing classy lady!
1930's Opera Singer and Actress
Mom and her awesome vintage car.... early 1940's
1940's Sadly a badly damaged photo. 
Notice the racy bare midriff my mon is sporting <3
Mum and Dad! She is wearing one of the 
creations she designed for Lillie Rubin!

You can read more about our past in the article titled 
In the upcoming weeks I am hoping to sort through more photos, as Stephen has offered to scan whatever I like for me. There are model photos of my mother modeling her designs and one gorgeous headshop from her acting days I really want you to see. Unfortunatly, my mom and her career existed long before the internet, and much of it is lost like so much from the 20's, 30's and beyond, so I am hoping to at least give her some kind of home, and stories before it is too late.
Looking forward to holding these memories in my hands, and seeing them on my walls, so the sooner I sort.... :)